Do you want your child to learn about Robotics, Electronics and Coding
without disturbing your school online classes? 
Then you are in the right place.

The 3 Problems that Parents face,

when selecting an effective Online program for their child ??
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5 days Robotics, Electronics and Coding bootcamp

 @ Rs399/- ( @ 90% discount offer)
*You would be redirected to enrollment page.

Eligible Age group : - 9yrs to 17 yrs

*NO Previous knowledge required               *NO material / Hardware purchase required

What would your child want to become based on his/her interest?

Option 1 : An operator who would operate / use stuff that someone else has created (or)

Option 2 : A Creator, who creates stuff, which could be operated by someone else in this world to solve their problems, with solution provided by the CREATOR.
If your answer is Option 2, then this bootcamp is for you,

We are conducting this exclusive 5 day workshop , to train students to think like a CREATOR, which would help those talented minds to equip themselves in the problem solving area

Electronics and Coding Bootcamp

Day 1 -  Topics

Preparing the mindset of student to think like a CREATOR and not a USER
What is a Microcontrollers and Embedded System?
Introduction to Arduino Microcontroller
​Blueprint of Arduino Microcontroller.
​Software installation - Overview
​Make your FIRST CODE

Day 2 -  Topics

Explanation of Electronics parts
What are resistors? Why do we need them?
Write a code to make an LED blink.
​Control the speed of Blinking as per your design requirement
Make three LED blink in a particular pattern
​Display your Name or Product name using Coding through Arduino on screen

Day 3 -  Topics

Interfacing a Button
Understanding the Button logics and Wire connections 
Learning to code to use a Button to operate 
​Interfacing a Buzzer
How to activate a buzzer through serial monitor. ​

Day 4 -  Topics

What is looping?
Interfacing devices in a PWM (Pulse width Module) analog pins
How to do control a fading LED or a motor through Loop coding
What is a Potentiometer? How can we use it?
Activate a Buzzer through photo sensitive (LDR). ​

Day 5 -  Topics

How do you use an If - Else statement in a code?
What is an Ultrasonic sensor? Why is it used?
Tasks involving ultrasonic sensors
​Awards and Certificate of Appreciation.

How does this work? What are the timings?

We can assure you that this program will not clash with your child's school timings, irrespective of the city you are living.
 All students who have enrolled , shall be included in a whatsapp group. Since this is a Pan INDIA program, we are NOT conducting LIVE classes for the simple reason that we cannot find a suitable time to conduct LIVE classes, that would be suitable to all students across the country.

Hence we have created this HYBRID Methodology, where in the students will learn through video lessons, which is explained Step by Step every day at their on pace and later ask their doubts during LIVE ZOOM doubt clearing sessions which would happen by 6.30 / 7.00 pm in the evening of Day 2, 3, 4 and 5.
We would be providing a simulation software FREE, in which they would be doing their practicals (making circuits, connecting LEds, Sensors, writing codes, etc), thereby you need not buy any kits for this 5 day program.
There is a validation process (Quiz) every day to understand and  bring in a commitment among students and winners are rewarded. 
Every evening inside the Whatsapp group students can ask all their doubts can be clarified by our experts in regard to that days learnings.
 Awards and certificate are provided to students after 5 days.
We have conducted more than 500+ LIVE sessions (Before pandemic and now also) ,but from our experience, this HYBRID method proved maximum effectiveness to students.

Robotics LIVE training session - 100+ students (before pandemic event pics)

About trainer and Company

Mr.Arun Rajeev - Managing Director & Founder ,iRoboChakra
 An engineer graduate and post graduate in management, Arun is very passionate about Robotics as a subject and believes that the knowledge of this science must reach every student .He brings together his experience as design engineer with Honda & Nissan during his 3 year stint in Japan where he gained wide exposure to robotics through expo’s , presentations and self learning .
 “Robotics is a very fascinating subject which brings together Science , Technology,Mathematics,Arts & Engineering (STEAM).Learning this subject ensures enhanced creative skills , logical & analytical thinking and possibilities of great inventions. At irobochakra we believe that knowledge is power and with power comes responsibilities , hence our students will be taught to apply their learning for betterment of the society".

Frequently asked Questions:

Do you give Certificates?:

Yes, Every student who joins shall receive CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION 

What does it Cost? :

The charges for the 5 day Whatsapp class shall be is Rs3999/-, but we have decided to give it at a special 90% discounted price of just Rs 399/-(GST 18% included) . This Offer is for the first 50 students only, after that the prices shall change to Rs 999/-

Who can enroll?: Eligibility age? What is required?

*School students in the Age of 9 to 17 can join this program.
             (Teaching methodology is divided as per age group 9-11 and 12 to 17.)
*No previous coding or electronics knowledge required.
*A laptop / desktop and good internet connection.
*No material purchase required.

When is the Class/Batch starting?

To know the Batch availability details CLICK HERE

What is Arduino?

Ardunio is an open source microcontroller, which is very easy to use for beginners. Students who wishes to create something of their own, or who would want to automate some traditional process, or those who wants to make life simple for others using technology, then this should be where they should take their first step.

Join Now! The seats have already started filling.

Awesome Bonuses also, if you Join today..

Bonus 1:

Every student shall receive an exclusive login id and password in our learning management system. The materials provided shall have LIFETIME access for the students. [Worth Rs 1799/-]

Bonus 2:

FREE + LIFETIME access to Our Android app , through which you can access our learning modules [Worth Rs 1999/-]

Bonus 3:

Certificate of Appreciation to all students who join [ Priceless ]

Still not convinced...Read few of our Parent feedback, who had enrolled their kids in previous batches

These were few our excited parents, who enrolled their children in our program. Did you know we have crossed 2500+ student enrollment and still counting..

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